Liquid Soap Hospital

Cleaning where it is most needed!

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BLI-DES® Liquid Soap Hospital is developed by Blidor AG for gentle and hygienic hand cleansing. In critical areas where Hygiene is a top priority, like food processing industries and institutional facilities, BLI-DES® Liquid Soap Hospital fights bacteria and microbes, keeping hands clean and hygienic.

BLI-DES® Liquid Soap Hospital can be used with water in the following areas:

When traveling

  • In the office
  • Fitness centers
  • Restaurants
  • Indoor pools
  • Schools and nursery
  • At home

It is effortless to use as any other hand washing liquid. Simply soap, rub and let the liquid react, then rinse with water.

BLI-DES® Liquid Soap Hospital is an antimicrobial and hygienic skin cleanser made without any alcohol. It reacts briefly and cleanses the hands of any microbes.

The product is available in different packaging sizes.

BLI-DES® Liquid Soap Hospital is alcohol-free, and no harmful substances are used to make it. It is environmentally friendly and poses no risk to animals.

In place of harmful skin-lipid alcohols, quaternary ammonium compounds, a skin-friendly combination of essential oils and mild tensides is used.

Only natural or natural-identical ingredients are used to form this product, making it safe for use by allergy-prone adults and children.


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