Foam Descaler

The effective and powerful natural descaler.

Foam Descaler by BLI-DES®

Wherever tap water is heated or left lying around, limescale deposits form. This reduces the functionality of devices and surfaces or reduces their lifespan in the worst cases.

BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler is a universal descaler made with natural or natural-identical ingredients perfect for public, industrial or private use for descaling the stubborn hard-water residue.

BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler is developed to descale different surfaces and industrial tools and parts.

Apply BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler on the surface, industrial tools, and parts to be descaled. Let it react for a certain time, then rinse off with water. For stubborn stains, a mechanical rework may be necessary.

It can be used in large kitchens, gastronomy, etc., suitable for chrome steel surfaces, coffee & tea machines, kettles, kettles, steamers, pans, etc.

The perfectly harmonising and food-compatible acids and salts in
BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler dissolve the hard water residue at once. Its unique formation removes the hard-to-clean biofilm right away.

BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler is user-friendly. With its manual foam system, just application and rinsing get the work done!

For stubborn stains, a mechanical rework may be necessary.

BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler is also available as diluted, ready-to-use version; BLI-DES® Foam Descaler. 

BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler and the BLI-DES® Foam Descaler are available in different packaging sizes

BLI-DES® Concentrate Descaler is made without the use of alcohols, aldehydes, quat’s, phenols, chlorines and peroxides.

It is harmless even in direct contact with food items. It has good biodegradability and is applicable indoors as well as outdoors.


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