BLI-DES® Surface cleanser and disinfectant

Everywhere a lot of people go in and out an especially high level of disinfection is needed. Here one would like to refrain from using chemical disinfectants.

Each professional cleaning company, each works manager knows that with the high standard of hygiene measures the use of a chemical and alcohol-containing disinfectant is unavoidable.

Now for the first time Blidor AG launches under the brand BLI-DES® different surface cleansers and surface disinfectants.
BLI-DES® surface ceansers and surface disinfectants are perfect for industry and trade as they contain natural and nature-identical ingredients.

BLI-DES® SurfaceDisinfection is used for interim and end disinfection in various areas of industry and public facilities – highly frequented areas such as production premises, reception, canteens can therewith be safely disinfected.

For application in medical area BLI-DES® SurfaceDisinfection MED has been developed and approved.

BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser liquid may be used for preliminary cleaning.