Personal Products by BLI-DES®

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BLI-DES® is a unique Swiss-made brand that is green, eco-friendly, and completely biodegradable.

BLI-DES® personal hygiene products are safe to use as they are free of harsh chemicals and work with antimicrobial reactions.

The personal hygiene products include:

  • BLI-DES® HygienicFoam
  • BLI-DES® SoapFoam
  • BLI-DES® LiquidSoap Hospital
  • BLI-DES® Clarté


BLI-DES® personal products are user-friendly. The microbial effect in its products does not need a much rubbing or scrubbing and the simple application does wonders!

BLI-DES® personal hygiene products are alcohol-free so there is no hazard of skin over-drying or skin irritation.

Soap Foam
Hygienic and gentle handwashing on the go!
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Liquid Soap Hospital
Cleaning where it is most needed!
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Hygienic Foam
Perfect hygiene anywhere, anytime!
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Face cleansing foam with antimicrobial effect.
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