Industrial Products by BLI-DES®

Made for Commercial Use

The BLI-DES® industrial products range from surfaces cleaners to descalers.

BLI-DES® industrial cleaning products are all approved and certified (Derma and food test).

These Swiss-made products are green, eco-friendly, and completely biodegradable.

BLI-DES® products can be used in cleaning and disinfecting trucks, container, cooling storage,  food production environment, machinery, and any surface.

The BLI-DES® industrial products are biodegradable, harmless when directly in contact with food, risk-free for the environment, and made without using chlorine, quat’s, and aldehydes.


BLI-DES® industrial cleaning products are appliable at freezing temperature, biodegradable and harmless to the environment.

Being safe to be used around food makes it an excellent choice for the food sector.

They are made of natural or natural-identical ingredients thus can be used in hospitals, nurseries, restaurants, offices, in fact, just anywhere.

Most of the time the application is as simple as applying and rinsing. However, for stubborn stains or residues, some scrubbing or rubbing may be required.

The variety of packaging sizes makes it suitable for small-scale to large-scale industries.

Surface Disinfectant
Cleans all surfaces in seconds!
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Acidic Cleaner Liquid
A reliable, residue and chemical free cleaner.
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Foam Descaler
The effective and powerful natural Descaler.
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