Hygienischer Schaum

Perfect Hygiene anywhere, anytime.

Hygienic Foam by BLI-DES®

BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam is a safe no-wash hygiene solution!

It is a gentle hand cleansing way that can be used anywhere, anytime.  You can clean your hands by applying BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam on your hands and rubbing until it is completely absorbed. This product can be used without water, making it the best choice, especially for those traveling, indoor and outdoor use.

BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam is easy to use. It does not require any water contact or rinsing.

Simply apply on hands and rub for 30 seconds until completely absorbed.

BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam is developed with antimicrobial and hygienic quality that ensures clean hands. It does not require rinsing, so cleaning hands at anytime or any place is not an issue.

BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam has successfully passed the test EN 1499 (Disinfectants and antiseptics – hygienic hand wash – test methods and requirements – phase 2/ level 2 & 2013).

BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam is available in different packaging sizes including:

  • BLI-DES® HD16

BLI-DES® Hygienic Foam does not contain chlorine, alcohol, quat’s, phenol, aldehydes, chlorine, or peroxide.

It is harmless even in direct contact with food.

It is gentle and does not dry out your skin.

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