Introducing BLI-DES®

Revolutionary Cleaning, Hygiene and Disinfection Products

BLI-DES® is a name you can trust for disinfection and cleaning of public, industrial, or private space. Our products are made from natural or natural-identical ingredients, free of harmful chemicals, and are utterly safe to use. With BLI-DES®, hygiene is guaranteed along with no threat to you or nature!

BLI-DES® products are made with our unique BLI-DES® technology. Unlike other bactericide and alcohol-based disinfecting products, our products are more effective in safely eliminating harmful microorganisms by forming no biofilms or chemical residues.

Soap Foam
Hygienic and gentle handwashing on the go!
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Liquid Soap Hospital
Cleaning where it is most needed!
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Hygienic Foam
Perfect hygiene anywhere, anytime!
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Face cleansing foam with antimicrobial effect.
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Surface Disinfectant
Cleans all surfaces in seconds!
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Acidic Cleaner Liquid
A reliable, residue and chemical free cleaner.
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Foam Descaler
The effective and powerful natural Descaler.
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What is the BLI-DES® Difference?

BLI-DES® is an advance and unique cleaning product range from Blidor for hygiene, cosmetic, and disinfection.
All cosmetic products out of the BLI-DES® product range are dermatologically tested, non-corrosive, and non-toxic for humans and the environment.
Our products are:

  • Dermatologically tested – “Excellent”.
  • Unobjectionable according to food law.
  • Natural and nature-identical ingredients.
  • Excellent bio-degradable

Thanks to the very skin-friendly combination of essential oils and mild surfactants, the BLI-DES® line is perfect for regular hygienic cleaning. Also ideal for allergy-prone adults and children.

Environment Friendly

Safe for Skin


Non Toxic

BLI-DES® Product Features

No Quats

Quats are lung irritants and can contribute to asthma and other breathing problems. They irritate the skin too – and can lead to rashes.

No Alcohols

Prolonged and repeated use of alcohol as a disinfectant can also cause discoloration, swelling, hardening, and cracking of rubber and certain plastics.

No Phenol

Phenol is highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in humans after acute (short-term) inhalation or dermal exposures.

No Paraben

Parabens are xenoestrogens and can have harmful effects on the body.

No Aldehyde

They are highly irritating, toxic to humans or animals with contact or inhalation, and are potentially carcinogenic.

No Peroxide

Peroxide can damage some surfaces and is a more dangerous chemical than natural disinfectants.

Tecuro Medical

Founded in 2015, Tecuro Medical is a Swiss company specializing in innovative hygiene solutions. 

Empowered by the unique and revolutionary patented MultiBIND technology, our offering consists of two product families, BLI-DES® and For8You®, a female hygiene portfolio dedicated to preventing urogenital infections, e. g. Urinary Tract Infection, for details, please visit

Tecuro Medical has a wide range of product offerings.  We support our customers through all phases of their needs, from product development to customized labeling and bottling.

Our Manufacturer Blidor

The production and direct selling company Blidor AG occupies about thirty-five employees in the fields of research, production, sale, and administration. Blidor AG was founded 1939 as a commercial enterprise.

The historic “Alte Mühle” area in Langnau am Albis has been the production site of Blidor AG since 1942. At that time the company was converted into a stock corporation. To this day, Blidor AG is an independent, Swiss family-owned stock corporation.

Blidor compliances with requirements and certifications show our continuous strive for the highest quality. In addition, we regularly carry out internal and external audits to guarantee the quality of our products.

Blidor is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003.

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