Harsh on the microbes but gentle on the skin!

Clarté Facial Cleanser BLI-DES®

BLI-DES® Clarté Facial Cleanser is developed with antimicrobial action. It is completely natural and gets rid of bacteria, dirt and excess oil without drying out the skin. Due to its natural ingredients and antimicrobial effect, Clarté facial cleanser prevents the development of any new irritations of the skin.

BLI-DES® Clarté facial cleanser is easy and convenient to use. Simply apply adequate amount on face, rub to lather the skin gently and rinse with running water.

Clarté is also effect for removing age spots. Brown spots (age spots) on the skin appear especially after the age of 40. The main cause is UV radiation to which our skin is exposed. An effectiveness study of Clarté facial cleanser has shown that daily use results in a significant reduction of brown spots and pores. In addition, Clarté cleanses your skin from bacteria, dirt and excess oil.

Every day, dirt, sebum and dust form a layer that burdens our skin. Bacteria find an ideal breeding ground in this layer, which promotes irritation, redness, inflammation, dandruff, blackheads and pimples. Blemished and acne-prone skin can develop or spread further. Antimicrobial, gentle and thorough cleansing is essential to remove bacteria from this breeding ground. In addition, subsequently used facial care can develop its effectiveness more effectively if the skin surface is completely and thoroughly cleansed.

BLI-DES® Clarté facial cleanser is alcohol-free and has “excellent” test result.

BLI-DES® Clarté is available in different packaging sizes.

Clarté by BLI-DES® was developed, tested and produced in Switzerland according to the latest research findings. The ingredients of Clarté are exclusively natural or nature-identical and do not contain alcohols or quaternary ammonium compounds.

Clarté was tested in an application study by HautZentrum Zürich, competence center for dermatology. The result of this study confirms a significant improvement of acne skin and a reduction of visible pores.

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