What is BLI-DES®?

BLI-DES® is a unique product range from Blidor for hygiene, cosmetics and disinfection.

Innovative, gentle, cleaning, decontaminating, disinfecting.

Ecological and efficient

The product components are easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly and food-compatible.
All cosmetic products out of the BLI-DES® product range are dermatologically tested, non-corrosive and not toxic for humans and environment.

Our promise:

  • Dermatologically tested – „very good“
  • Unobjectionable according to food law
  • Natural and nature-identical ingredients
  • Excellent bio-degradability


  • Free of
    • alcohols
    • peroxid
    • paraben
    • phenol
    • aldehyd
    • chlorine
    • quaternary ammonium compounds (quats)