BLI-DES® wash ST und TT Powder
The functionality of special textiles (such as sport textiles) is no longer optimal and bad odours cannot be completely removed by washing.

Now remedy is found – also for private households – completely without additional chemicals.

With BLI-DES® wash ST (for special textiles) and BLI-DES® wash TT Blidor AG launches for the first time two powders of the brand BLI-DES® especially developed for such a particular application range.

BLI-DES® wash ST Powder for special textiles, such as sportswear – here textiles are cleaned, e.g. residues and dirt are removed from membranes and special functions such as breathability are restored again.

BLI-DES® wash TT Powder has been developed for textiles which are exposed to heavy odours, e.g. dog blankets. The powder destroys at long term microorganisms responsible for odours which come back shortly after washing. The powder is classified as unobjectionable to food and therefore harmless to your animals.

We have developed these products especially for these applications and of course
they do not contain any fragrance substances.