Olive hand cream


Oliva Hand cream – the regenerating care for dry skin

With bio-olive extract from EU cultivation.

The hand cream Olive is especially suitable for dry and cracked skin. Contains the precious oil of sun-ripened olives and the antiseptic extract of of olive plant leaves. This active agent combination supports the regeneration process of the skin. The hand cream can well be used as prevention to permanently strengthen the resistibility.

The used biological plant extracts are EcoControl certified.

The olive tree (Ola europaea L.) grows often gnarled and twisted and very slow. A long and careful cultivation is needed before the probably oldest cultivated plant of Mediterranean region reaps a rich harvest. Out of the fruits the desired olive oil, the “green gold” is pressed, from the hard wood furniture, wind instruments and utensils are made.
The Bach flower therapy combines the flower essences of the tree with the principle of regeneration and harmony. Since antiquity a fresh oil tree is known as sign of peace.

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