The production and direct selling company Blidor AG occupies about thirty-five employees in the fields of research, production, sale and administration. Blidor AG was founded 1939 as commercial enterprise. One of the founders was blind and his aim was to give people with a similar destiny the possibility to build an existence.
Since 1942 the historic area “Old Mill” in Langnau am Albis is the production site and headquarter of Blidor AG. Blidor AG is until now an independent family-owned Swiss stock company.
Tradition, high company values and innovation are our daily recipe for success.

Compliance with requirements and certifications show our continuous striving for highest quality. We regularly carry out internal and external audits to guarantee the quality of our products.
These audits include all regulatory requirements and security aspects for working areas, machines and personnel.
Blidor AG is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

Product Safety
Independent institutes and laboratories verify the characterized performance of our BLI-DES®-products.
Blidor AG optimises continuously the processes in order to recognise immediately any possible risk and to guarantee at any time the security of all products.

Business Areas
Blidor AG is divided in three different business areas:

  • Service
    • Mixing and filling up of liquid, gel-like and pasty substances (even for small quantities a professional environment)
    • Assembly of different products and packages
  • Development
    • Development and improvement of formulations
    • Checking of application areas
  • Production
    • Filling up and assembly of different packages