BLI-DES® HygienicFoam


BLI-DES® HygieneFoam – skin and hand cleansing

Hygiene-to-go: Safe hygiene everywhere and anytime. Application without water!

The absolute market innovation in skin hygiene

What is revolutionary on BLI-DES®?
Unlike than conventional hand and skin hygiene products, BLI-DES®-products contain NO alcohols and NO quaternary ammonium compounds. Furthermore, BLI-DES®-products contain solely natural and nature-identical ingredients.
You sure know the problem – on the way you suddenly feel the need of hygiene, this ranges from dirty fingers to unclean surfaces (such as toilets). Precisely for such cases BLI-DES® HygieneFoam has been developed and is therefore available in the practical 50ml foam dispenser bottle which fits in every handbag, glovebox, schoolbag etc.

WITHOUT alcohols:

  • No drying out and no devitalising of the skin
  • No dangerous vapours in daily application

Free of

  • peroxid
  • aldehyd
  • phenol
  • paraben
  • chlorine
  • quaternary ammonium compounds (quats)
  • dermatologically tested – „very good“
  • foaming without propellant gas

Anytime and everywhere – whilst travelling, shopping, in the office, fitness centres, restaurants, indoor pools etc.

Rub hands during 60 seconds with 3 pumps BLI-DES® HygieneFoam out of the wall dispenser resp. 5 pumps BLI-DES® HygieneFoam out of the foam dispenser bottle until foam has completely absorbed. No rinse off necessary.


  • Dr. med. Werner Voss, Dermatest GmbH, Münster
  • Dipl.-Biol. T. Koburger, Hygiene Nord GmbH, Greifswald


  • Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, CPNP No. 1984572

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