BLI-DES® GynoFoam


BLI-DES® GynoFoam – Gentle hygiene in intimate area

BLI-DES® GynoFoam is particularly suitable for the daily intimate care at home and on the way – for a natural feeling of freshness every day.

Too frequent washing or the use of inappropriate care products may change the vaginal pH-value and thus affect the protective function of the vaginal flora. Consequences may be infections, inflammations and irritations in the intimate area.

The gentle and antimicrobial BLI-DES® GynoFoam helps to relieve quickly and to lastingly reduce such ailments.

Possible causes might be:

  • Visit of public bathes
  • Treatment with antibiotics
  • Taking contraceptive pill
  • Stress
  • General predisposition
  • Pregnancy
  • Unhealthy nutrition
  • Use of tampons

By the use of the gentle BLI-DES® GynoFoam the intimate area is perfectly cared.

The innovative formulation of BLI-DES® GynoFoam is free of alcohols, phenols, formaldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds and does not contain harmful chlorhexidine. Nevertheless, the very skin friendly combination of natural and nature-identical ingredients (essential oils and mild tensides) is perfect for the daily hygienic intimate care.

BLI-DES® GynoFoam is not a medicinal product.
In case of long-lasting problems BLI-DES® GynoFoam will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Free of

  • alcohols
  • peroxid
  • paraben
  • phenol
  • aldehyd
  • chlorine
  • quaternary ammonium compounds (quats)

dermatologically tested – „very good“
mucous membrane compatibility „negative“
Foaming without propellant gas

BLI-DES® GynoFoam is gentle and may be used daily.

Pump 1 – 2 times, apply foam by hand or washcloth in the intimate area, allow to shortly act and then rinse off with water.


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  • Dr. med. Werner Voss, Dermatest GmbH, Münster


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