BLI-DES® FoamSoap


BLI-DES® FoamSoap – handwash

Especially persons working in hygienic important areas such as gastronomy, nursery, retirement home, public bathes but also in care and medical sectors and which have to use daily conventional skin cleanser often suffer from the circumstances that the ingredients dry out and harm their skin at long-term.

With BLI-DES® FoamSoap Blidor AG has now for the first time developed a perfect hygienic skin cleanser which contains absolutely NO alcohols. Instead of the harmful skin-lipid alcohols and quaternary ammonium compounds a very skin friendly combination of essential oils and mild tensides is used.

The BLI-DES® FoamSoap is perfect for everyday life – for everyone who needs or wants hygienically clean hands.

  • Extremely skin friendly cleansing
  • WITHOUT alcohols:
    • No drying out and no devitalising of the skin
    • No dangerous vapours in daily application
  • Free of
    • peroxid
    • aldehyd
    • phenol
    • paraben
    • chlorine
    • quaternary ammonium compounds (quats)
  • dermatologically tested – „very good“
  • foaming without propellant gas
  • prevents the contamination of the soap dispenser/pump
  • may be used as conventional foam soap

Applicable as foam soap with water.


Spread 3 pumps BLI-DES® HygieneFoam out of the wall dispenser resp. 5 pumps BLI-DES® HygieneFoam out of the foam dispenser bottle in your hands. Then simply rinse off with water.


  • Dr. med. Werner Voss, Dermatest GmbH, Münster
  • Dipl.-Biol. T. Koburger, Hygiene Nord GmbH, Greifswald


  • Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, CPNP No. 1741068