BLI-DES® FoamDiscaler


BLI-DES® FoamDiscaler – universal descaling agent for household, kitchen and bath

No matter whether in kitchen, shower, bathtubs o lavatory, if hard water is used there will be sooner or later calcifications. These deposits arise wherever tap water is heated or remains on surfaces. This is clearly visible on bath and kitchen valves, is quickly unsightly and can even cause damage if the deposits will not be removed regularly. It is therefore advisable in every sense to use a good descaling agent in bath and kitchen.

Now for the first time Blidor AG has developed with the BLI-DES® FoamDiscaler an universal descaling agent for bath and kitchen which contains only natural or nature-identical ingredients.

The stubborn hard-water residues will be dissolved by the perfectly harmonising and food-compatible acids and salts. This combination cleans and cares at the same time.

Thanks to its unique formulation BLI-DES® FoamDiscaler removes at the same time the hard-to-clean biofilm in household, kitchen and bath.

Application area: water taps, chrome steel surfaces, tiles, bathroom and kitchen fittings etc.

  • Consists of natural and nature-identical ingredients
  • Removes biofilm
  • Cleaning / caring
  • High speed decalcification, short reaction time
  • Effective due to several food-compatible acids and salts
  • Easy application even on hard to reach places
  • No after polish necessary

Application area:

Water taps, chrome steel surfaces, tiles, bathroom and kitchen fittings etc.


Foam to spray-on. Short reaction time, thereafter rinse off with water. Do not mix with other cleaners or descaling agents. No after-polish necessary. In case of extreme calcification repeat application as stated above.

  • Consists of natural and nature-identical ingredients
  • Dissolving of biofilm