BLI-DES® ConcentrateDiscaler


BLI-DES® ConcentrateDiscaler – universal descaler for industry and household

Calcification arises wherever tap water is heated or remains in place. This can reduce the functionality of the devices or in the worst case shorten their lifetime. The energy consumption of the devices is increasing enormously due to the fact that calcification reduces the heat transfer.

In every sense it is therefore advisable to use a descaler in household. Does this mean that one has to buy a special descaler for each device, for each area? No, this is not necessary.

For the first time Blidor AG has developed with BLI-DES® ConcentrateDiscaler a universal descaler based on natural or nature-identical ingredients which is suitable for all household and industry areas. Stubborn hard-water residues will be dissolved by the perfectly harmonising and food-compatible acids and salts. This combination cleans and cares at the same time. Thanks to its unique formulation BLI-DES® ConcentrateDiscaler removes at the same time the hard-to-clean biofilm in the devices and on surfaces (slime residues in water tank for example). Due to the quintuplicate concentration BLI-DES® ConcentrateDiscaler is a high speed decalcification.

  • Quintuplicate concentration
  • Removes biofilm (slime residues in water tanks and in pipes)
  • Cleaning / caring
  • High speed decalcification, therefore short reaction time
  • Effective due to several food-compatible acids and salts
  • De-oiling in coffee machines

Application area:

Large-scale kitchen, gastronomy etc., suitable for chrome steel surfaces, coffee & tea machines, water boiler, teakettle, steamer, pans etc.


Liquid descaler, quintuplicate concentration for equipment and containers, may be diluted with up to five times water. Shake before use.

Short reaction time, thereafter rinse with water. No after polish necessary on surfaces. Do not mix with other cleaners or descalers. Do not apply on acid-sensitive materials.


  • Dr. Ralph Derra, ISEGA Forschungs- und Untersuchungs-Gesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg
  • Dr. Andreas Sigrist, Simec AG, Zofingen


  • Consists of natural and nature-identical ingredients
  • Dissolving of biofilm