BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser liquid


BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser liquid

Especially in the food industry but also in other sectors where hygiene is a relevant aspect (such as public institutions, therapy centres, schools, surgeries, nurseries, retirement homes etc), every operations manager resp. hygienist would like to refrain from using chemical and often aggressive detergents.

With the high demands especially on food producers the food safety requirements increase as well. Each producer of foodstuffs is aware that the major weaknesses are during producing and packaging. So what remains at the end than using a chemical cleanser? A reliable, residue- and completely chemical-free cleaning could solve this problem.


With BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser Blidor AG has now for the first time developed a perfect and hygienic detergent which can be used as a conventional cleanser. This cleanser is unobjectionable according to food law and therefore perfectly suitable for food industry.

BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser liquid is used for preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning.

  • Unobjectionable according to food law
  • Active cleaning of surfaces and objects
  • Well biodegradable
  • Free of
    • alcohols
    • peroxid
    • aldehyd
    • phenol
    • paraben
    • chlorine
    • quaternary ammonium compounds (quats)
  • good cleaning performance
  • very good foamability (concentrate)

Application areas:

This product is especially suitable for surfaces and objects which have to be cleaned several times a day as well as for the regular intensive cleaning. The product is food safe and can therefore be used unrestricted in food sectors.
Surface cleaning in care facilities, therapy centres, surgeries, schools, public bathes, production sites of food industry, chees dairies, slaughterhouses, bakeries, gastronomy, canteens etc.


Ready to use, aqueous liquid or as concentrate for the foam cleaning equipment to lather objects or surfaces. The foam flows off slowly and therefore generates an entire wetting. After the exposure time of 5 to 10 minutes rinse off with clear water (warm or cold).

  • BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser has been developed especially for an efficient cleansing of surfaces from all kind of residues including grease, oils, biofilm and calcification.
  • BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser does not generate any residues and deposits.
  • BLI-DES® AcidicCleanser can immediately be connected to existing foaming systems.

Please read instructions on packaging for detailed application recommendations. Ready-to-use solution is especially suitable as spray solution for spray systems (large surfaces).


  • Dr. Ralph Derra, ISEGA Forschungs- und Untersuchungs-Gesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg
  • Dr. H. Lebertz, SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH, Taunusstein