BLI-DES®-products solve your problems in respect of
disinfection, hygiene and cleaning!

Disinfection, hygiene and cleansing – themes that become more and more important, either in public institutions, companies or for private persons. If you are looking for a highly effective but chemical free solution – then we can offer you the perfect problem solvers on a natural and nature-identical basis.

Due to the very skin friendly combination of essential oils and mild tensides BLI-DES® products are perfectly suitable for the regular hygienic cleansing. Ideal also for children.

Important advantages over other disinfection and cleansing agents

The BLI-DES®-product line is a revolutionary invention in the field of cleaning and hygiene of skin, hands and all sorts of surfaces. Very important, they contain

  • NO alcohols
  • NO quats (quaternary ammonium compounds)
  • NO phenol
  • NO paraben
  • NO aldehyde
  • NO peroxide
  • NO chlorine

Depending on the product category BLI-DES® products show further advantages over conventional disinfectants and detergents, such as

  • Removes biofilm
  • Dermatologically „very good“
  • Unobjectionable according to food law
  • Excellent bio-degradability
  • Harmless for the environment

Nevertheless, the achieved results offer immense advantages in the daily use.

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BLI-DES® includes actually the following products:

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